Healing the Hard: The Shift from Struggle to Ease

This week the song from Annie, “It’s a hard knock life for us…,” kept popping into my head! Because I believe in the power of the mind and I practice mastery of my mind, I would start singing out loud, “It’s a lovely life for us…, ” every time this song came into my awareness. And, I knew that it was a sign that it was time to write this post šŸ™‚

There is a pervasive human belief that is engrained in the human race consciousness that life is hard, difficult, or a struggle. People believe that anything of value has to come from hard work and struggle. People value “hard work” and are proud of how “hard” they work. This creates a very heavy life and doesn’t allow us to experience a different perception. That is, life can be experienced in lightness and ease. And even if we are experiencing a life challenge, we can still move through it in ease, in trusting Life, and in noticing and following our guidance.

God wants ease, beauty, creativity, purpose, fun, and joy for us, but it is up to us to choose it and start seeing it throughout the day. Experiencing a more Godly life comes from living in the present moment, changing our beliefs and what we are telling ourselves, and getting out of the lower brain grip that wants us to keep doing and experiencing life the same way day after day after day. We can change that!

Another way our lower brain keeps us the same is that it keeps us focused on problems. The lower brain keeps its attention on problems, whether it is the slow driver in front of us, the weather, health issues, or perceived problems at work. When we loosen the grip of the lower brain, these perceived problems transform and we can be okay with every day and even see the beauty in every day. Focusing on problems inhibits us expressing our Godly potential.

I was recently at an event and I was sitting near a woman who was insisting that “life is difficult.” She was at a table of coaches and I led the conversation suggesting another perspective. She couldn’t lighten up on her perspective. As she was leaving she came up to me and asked me if I had seen her keys anywhere. She had lost her keys. I replied, “no,” and I saw her proceed to make her rounds around the room, frantically looking for her keys. I saw the immediate outward expression of her belief that life is difficult. We don’t have to create difficulty or drama for ourselves.

Several years ago, I took a class that teaches about the power of the mind and changing our beliefs in order to align our inner and outer life to the Life that God Is. This Life is ease, peace, harmony, joy, acceptance, wisdom, etc. Another student in the class gave us all a bookmark that had “Life is so easy for me” typed on it. Because I spent much of my life perceiving things as harder than they need to be, I was inspired to use this phrase in many circumstances where I was aware that I was perceiving things as “hard.”

For example, as a mom I used it often when I would feel frustrated. I would say in my mind over and over, “Being a mom is so easy for me. Being a mom is so easy for me.” I would even say things like, “Being a mom feels like Mary Poppins.” Being a full-time mom with a business became easier and lighter over time. The other day, my younger son said to me, “Mommy, you are Mary Poppins.” We watched the movie Mary Poppins when he was around 4 years old, but otherwise we had not talked about Mary Poppins for a few years. I took that as a sign – the Universe giving me a message through my son – that I had made that shift in my motherhood. I had healed myself.

I used the “easy” phrase again in February 2017, when I wrote my first book in 19 days. I had committed to 30 days at an eWomen event that I attended, wondering when I said I would write it in 30 days where that had come from! At the start of writing each chapter I felt a heaviness and a dread. I realized that I had believed that writing was hard. I began telling myself over and over that “Writing is so easy for me. Being an author is so easy for me….” Stay tuned – Radiantly Free is coming soon!

I remember a moment when I was thinking that mastering my mind was that hardest thing I had every done. Then, I laughed at myself and realized I had to now tell myself that “Mastering my mind is so easy for me!”

Are there places where you are creating hardness, difficulty, and struggle? Try changing your mind and know that it is just your perception and you can heal your perception. Aligning with the ease that God is takes practice. Take deep breaths when you realize that you are experiencing things as “hard” and start telling yourself a new story.

Meditation loosens the grip of the lower brain that keeps us perceiving life in a certain way. You can download my free app with the Time to Be Meditation Timer to support your journey to EASE! Go to http://www.rachelapp.com for the links to download and information on subscribing for additional awesome growth promoting features that guide you in recreating a more light and Godly experience.

To Our Collective Ease and Healing,

Rev. Dr. Rachel


A Look at the Alci-ness

Are you wondering what “alci-ness” is? You probably haven’t heard of it before, because it is a new word that I have made up today! So, I want to talk about something that really isn’t talked about much day-to-day. It is the use of alcohol in our society, and today I want to take a look at alcohol in the family, specifically.

Given how much I enjoyed alcohol in my early twenties, I have surprised myself with not drinking anymore. Right away when I had my babies and as they have grown into children, I have never been comfortable with drinking in my kids’ presence. Perhaps it was because I nursed my boys for the first year of their lives, so I couldn’t drink. But, also, my husband really didn’t drink or drink at all if I wasn’t. I would look forward to getting out and having some wine at a neighborhood mom gathering, but after a short while I lost my taste for alcohol altogether. We have saved a lot of money by not drinking! Check out my blog “The Lost Taste” for my story about shifting my vibration and becoming a non-drinker. It has been three and a half years since my last glass of wine.

I was able to observe alcohol in the family three years ago when I was at a training in Chicago. I went to a restaurant to get something to eat by myself. The place was empty, but then a family arrived and then another. Both families happened to be seated in my line of sight. So, I did my best not to stare. However, I had the opportunity to witness something that actually saddened me, yet it helped shape my values for my own parenting.

Both families had young children with one still in a high chair. One of the dads downed a martini, then he proceeded to drink some wine from the bottle that the mom had ordered. It was a similar scenario at the other table with beer and wine. I was so surprised that these parents would drink that much and mix while with their children. And, I wondered, who was going to be driving them home?

What I observed wasn’t just the alcohol consumption, but the parents were hardly engaging with each other or with their children, and at least one of the parents at each table was distracted with their phone. I am not writing this to be in judgement, but rather to raise our awareness to something that is very common in our society.

Even though I was rarely drinking at this time, it became clear to me that this wasn’t what I wanted for my own family. I knew that I wanted to be a present and happy mom without altering my consciousness. Operating at my optimal functioning with the demands of being a full-time mom with a business meant that alcohol wasn’t going to be a part of my life. Moreover, alcohol is a depressant and I was learning more about expanding my consciousness. Because alcohol is a depressant, I didn’t want alcohol to limit my spiritual growth. Some research has suggested that one serving of alcohol per day is good for our cardiovascular system, however new research is showing that it has very detrimental effects on the brain.

I’ve been thinking about alcohol during my own upbringing, and I realized that I really respect and admire my Mom for not drinking when we were kids, or now as a Grandma. She has this amazing enthusiasm for life and fun, and she is such an awesome, engaging Grandma. My Mom told me that she saw a show that said that the fastest growing group of alcoholics are women in their forties. I think this is because wine drinking has become a sort of ‘stylish’ thing to do. Someone else, who was studying the idea of having fun without alcohol, told me about a book they were reading that suggested that having even one drink is something to take a look at, if it is used as an escape, to relax, or to have more fun.

I am not sure about this whole alci-ness thing. It seems to be everywhere and the vibration of it is so low. Of all the families my husband and I have met over the years, we are only aware of three other families that are alcohol-free like us. My husband and I have created a guideline that we won’t have our kids sleep over anywhere that the parents are drinking. We feel that alcohol and parenting don’t go together. Further, a very large part of the problems in our society have their roots in alci-ness.

When the founder of eWomenNetwork, Sandra Yancey, ran into the Dalai Lama at an airport, he told her that, “The western women will heal the world.” In my opinion, one of the obstacles to healing the world is the alci-ness in the family.

To our growth and healing,

Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon



Shifting the Shallow Body

Being a group fitness instructor for 18 years, I was really good at cranking the music and using exercise as a distraction and as an escape. I toyed with more is better and I valued a run with music blaring over a walk in nature with no headphones. However, we’re taught that exercise is so good for us, right? Well, not so much in the way that the gyms are showing us. I think that the health and fitness industry, as well as the western medicine industry, has been teaching us incorrectly for a really long time.

What I mean by this is that there has been a focus on diet, exercise, and medicine with a complete ignoring of the deeper aspects of ourselves that determine our wellness and our vibration. The deeper aspects of ourselves include our energy field, our emotions, and what we are creating with the mind and our beliefs.

In order to shift from being body shallow, the fitness and health industries could consider the following:

  1. Before and after body pics are so shallow šŸ™‚ Yep, they are…period. If someone went through a wellness transformation program I would be more interested in hearing how they learned to love and honor themselves, regardless of how they look in a picture.
  2. Shift the shallow measurements. We have tied so much of our value or defined ourselves as “good” or “bad” based on numbers on a scale or clothing sizes. I think true self-acceptance and listening to our bodies comes from a letting go of the over-focus on the measurements. Throw the scale away.
  3. Whether or not we have chosen to accept ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin is a significant determinant of our personal energetic vibration. Simply choosing self-love is healing. Deep and peaceful self-acceptance makes us more energetically radiant and improves our personal vibration. Let’s speak lovingly to ourselves.
  4. Shift the shallow with others. I have noticed so much of a focus on how people look in our society. I have experienced comments on my own body and I have heard people talk about other peoples’ bodies. It is shallow… period. I suggest we notice and compliment people on their deeper qualities of character instead of what their body looks like.
  5. We have to consider our energy, emotions, and beliefs when it comes to our wellness. Our health is not simply calories in, calories out, and what medication can we use. What are we creating with our energy and our beliefs about our bodies? Do we feel safe to be ourselves in the world or do we protect ourselves or hide? No one can tell us this, we have to tune into, feel, and know this ourselves.
  6. Nearly 90% of all disease is stress-related. We are stuck in our lower brains and our bodies can’t regenerate and heal when we are in the stress response. Has your medical doctor talked to you about healing your stress lately? Physical activity is great for stress, however I believe that too much or being extreme about it actually forces us into and perpetuates stress and tension in the body. We may be forcing our bodies and creating patterns of lower brain fight or flight by doing too much fight (kickboxing) or flight (running or too much cardio). Being free and happy in our bodies looks like joyful expression, radiance, and wellness – with balanced and harmonious stillness and movement.
  7. Finally, watch the extreme thinking when it comes to the body. The fat-free, carb-free, etc, movements over the past 25 years has damaged our ability to trust food, trust our bodies, and listen to what our bodies want. Similarly, our bodies don’t need hours of activity per day. If you are doing more than 30 minutes, be conscientious of what the motivation is or what you might be escaping from. There may be an avoidance of feeling deeper into your body and your emotions.

In summary, to heal, to be free, to be happy, and to be radiantly healthy, we can’t continue shallowness when it comes to our bodies. If something isn’t going right with the body, whether it is illness or injury, ask yourself what you might be learning or what your body might be telling you. Dig deep, feel everything, fly high!

In Peace,

Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon

Shifting “The Stuff”: Perceiving Life As Love

If you are human, then it is likely you have your “stuff.” And unless you have done years and years of meditation, energy healing, and personal growth work, then the “stuff” is likely to still be running you rather than letting the joy and radiance of Life live through you. The stuff may be an unrealized self-hatred that gets projected onto others via judgement and criticism. The stuff may be anger that we try not to feel by running away from it, literally, by running marathons and then drinking beer at the finish line. The stuff may be shame that keeps us paralyzed from taking any risks because of our fear that we won’t be perfect or be enough. The stuff that keeps us from living radiantly joyful and free is uniquely individual. It is time to lighten the load and dump “The Stuff.”

If you are ready to get really Real, that is “capital R” Real, like God Real, and reveal your inner Radiance and Light, then continue reading to learn about some shifts in perception that are required for our true liberation and Highest and Free-est potential.

There are 5 major Shifts In Perception that we are capable of experiencing and that radically shift our energetic vibration, our physiology, and our life expression. Read on…

  1. Shifting from self-hatred to Self-Love – Choosing self-love and self-acceptance is one of the greatest shifts that we can make. By loving and accepting our life, our bodies, and who we are, we change our vibration drastically. This shift helps the body naturally heal, improve in flexibility, and become more radiant and naturally beautiful. You can tell how you are doing with your self-love by observing how you talk about others. If you find yourself talking or thinking about how much you “hate” someone or something, you will know that you have some work to do. That criticism is a reflection of our own self-criticism and we are only be capable of unconditional Love of the world when we choose to unconditionally Love ourselves. We also have to stop comparing ourselves to others. Self-Love is simply a choice that has to be chosen moment to moment to moment, regardless of all the ways we may think we aren’t enough. Practice Makes Radiance…
  2. Shifting from victim to creator – The shift from victim to creator is a realization that nothing is happening to us and that we are the powerful co-creators of our lives. From the Soul level, we have chosen this life and these circumstances. In this shift, we realize that there is no one to blame and all that happens is either a reflection of our wounds, a karmic agreement, or we are creating it by the power structures of our thoughts and beliefs. We can heal and free ourselves by owning all of our triggers and emotional reactions and noticing our reactions and knowing it isn’t about anyone else at all. No one is making us feel any particular way, whether that is hurt, angry, sad, etc. They are just reflecting us in energetic perfection. Once we are no longer reacting and living from our wounds and triggers, we take the energetic power away and the trigger or reaction lessens over time. Then, we allow more of the peace, bliss, and Grace of Life to move through us. If these first 2 shifts were the only shifts we made in our lives we would be living a quite happy and light life. BUT WAIT! There’s more…..!!!
  3. Shifting from the doer to an instrument – Now, as the mastery of these first 2 shifts becomes more and more integrated into our being, we become more aware of Life living us rather than an experience of being a human who has to do everything and make everything happen. This is when life gets wildly more spiritual, synchronistic, and peaceful. More of the Life that we are lives through us and flows through us more easily and we become an observer to ourselves and world. How we flow and live gets to be involuntary and we know there is a reason for everything we do even if it doesn’t always feel like it in the moment. Our freedom accentuates with this shift because much of the worry, overwhelm, irritation, doubt, and over-analyzing dissolves.
  4. Shifting from chaos to Divine perfection – Another shift in perception that is possible to see, live, and experience is the perception of Divine perfection in everything. This shift gets harder to put into words šŸ™‚ From lower levels of consciousness the world may look bad. However, from higher levels of consciousness the Divine orchestration becomes more clear. There is no “bad” or “good,” just Go(o)d. Can you see the Go(o)d in every person, all the beautiful food before us, and in and through everything?? If not, are you ready to start? I promise you won’t regret it šŸ˜‰
  5. Shifting from fear to Love – Lastly, the shift from fear to Love is where our greatest Soul expression is lived. From the level of the Soul, fully integrated with our Godself, we become Love or an expression of Life Itself. Now, when we become Love, this is not the human, emotional, and attached kind of love. This is a radiant expression of energetic beingness that just IS and sees that in EVERYTHING. All fear of death, fear of not fitting in, fear of life, all angst, loses its power in us. Always remember that fear is not ultimately real; in Truth, there is nothing to fear. Watch closely what you are choosing to be afraid of, whether it is getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new or taking a look at whether your fear of a non-existent devil being is really serving you. We want to transcend fear, not feed our fear with more fear. Some religious traditions and family upbringings have actually inhibited our growth and potential by teaching us fear, guilt, shame, and unworthiness, translating into a low vibrational level of existence. This isn’t a joyful or healthy way to live. Now we can choose to shift and grow beyond that.

KNOW THIS: You are Loved. You are Worthy. You are Go(o)d. BE LOVE, we are THAT!

Blessings for your journey and your radiant growth! Remember to have fun.

Life is Go(o)d~

Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon

Intuitive Seeing for Living Lightly

We all have the ability to be intuitive. Most people just aren’t tapping into it or opening to it as much as they could. Being intuitive doesn’t mean you have to try to read every person that comes along or start selling psychic readings, but you can open your intuition so that you can live a spiritually guided, peaceful, and worry-free life.

A little over a year ago I was in a place that could have been very stressful, but fortunately as a result of getting Higher Brain LivingĀ® sessions I don’t perceive life as stressful anymore. However, there was still a lot of unknown and uncertainty was something I needed to heal. We had a purchase agreement on a house and I started driving my 1st grade son across 3 towns to the school by the house that we thought was going to be ours in a month. The sellers and their realtor ended up canceling our purchase agreement in order to sell to someone they knew. So we were on the hunt for another house and I continued to drive my son to the new school and my other little guy to a preschool on the way across town. I was spending 2-3 hours in the car everyday between 3 towns… whew.

We started the school year expecting a month of the across town driving, but by the time we found the right house and got to our closing date the driving had turned into 5 months. One morning, we were driving to the school and I saw Ernie from Sesame Street in my intuitive vision. I found it interesting, chuckled a little, and I had no idea what it meant. Later that day, as we were driving home from picking up my son I noticed an SUV in front of us with ERNIE on the license plate! Oh Hallelujah, I thought! For me, this was a message from God, the Universe, Life… whatever you want to call IT, that everything was Perfect. I rested into knowing that it was all going to be okay and it was working out the way it is meant to.

Recently, I was laying in bed ready to go to sleep and I had a vision of a beautiful angel wing. I was thinking wow, pretty, but I had no idea what it meant or why I was seeing it. The next morning I was volunteering at my boys’ school. I was sitting right outside the classroom correcting spelling tests when I overheard the teacher say “raise your wing….” to the kids instead of raise your hand. This was guidance letting me know that I was right where I was meant to be and doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. I knew without a doubt that helping at the school is a part of my Highest purpose. The confirmation was helpful to me because sometimes I wonder if I “should” be doing more for my business or even get a faculty job and put my PhD into practice. (NOTE – dump your shoulds!)

There are some ways to open more quickly and open to living intuitively more often:

  1. Get Higher Brain LivingĀ® sessions. The changes in the brain that we see over 5 months are similar to what is observed in Tibetan meditators that have been meditating on average 30 years and 4 hours per day. Energy healing and acupuncture are awesome supplements, yet I have found that Higher Brain LivingĀ® provides an awesome foundation for the most rapid transformation and present, joyful living.
  2. Start meditating. I have found the most effective and powerful meditations are simply in silence. You don’t need some guided audio meditations or even mantras. Just get in the practice of being present in the moment and be aware of being aware. After you become more clear from sitting still and taking a break from all the ‘doing’ and in our society the ‘over-doing’, this practice can become your way of life. Start with 5 minutes per day and work up to 20 over a 2 week period. There are so many gifts, benefits, and healings that happen from meditation and the research supports this. Yes, I am giving you permission to PLEASE STOP what you are doing.
  3. Pay attention. If you have the music cranked, your phone in your face, or you are ruminating and thinking too much, you will miss out on the signs that are all around you. Stop distracting yourself and start being present in the moment and especially with the precious people around you. You can see, hear, and know life intuitively and with ease when you are fully living and observing.

We don’t have to live in a frantic state of over-analyzing and uncertainty. Our brains have been wired that way and we can undo that. Living intuitively and guided brings so much peace, ease, lightness, and wonder to the world. I invite you to heal and become your truly radiant Self.

Love & Bliss ~ Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon

God & Science Merged

There has been all kinds of research on the benefits of spiritual or religious practice, such as meditation or prayer, on various health and quality of life outcomes. Something I read very recently really intrigued me. Dr. Andrew Newberg has been studying spiritual and religious practices and the effects on the brain for years. I read his book, co-authored by Mark R. Waldman, titled “How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain.” (I would like to properly underline this book title, however I can’t find an underline button!!) Anyway….

Dr. Newberg describes that we can have little “e” enlightenment experiences that are our ‘aha’s’ we can experience about ourselves or life. And we can also have big “E” Enlightenment experiences that actually dramatically change us. The big E Enlightenment experiences change how we perceive life, how we show up in life, our reactions, our emotions, our interests, how we spend our time, and/or our opinions and viewpoints.

Now, what was so amazing to me about Dr. Newberg’s research was that there are changes in the brain that happen at the time of these enlightenment experiences and the changes continue after the experience. Get this, it doesn’t matter if you are a Franciscan nun, a Buddhist monk, or an atheist, the changes in the brain from these experiences are the SAME! Furthermore, the descriptions and words that people use to describe their spiritual experiences are very similar as well.

I find this information SO unifying! Too many people try to make others wrong for their beliefs or practices. I think this is really more about a built up defense they have in fear of being wrong. Ultimately it isn’t about ‘beliefs’ to me…. it is about creating the space for spiritual experiences that provide us more knowing and more light that change us and make us more freely authentic and loving.

So the question becomes, “HOW do we have experiences of life, God, the Universe, LoveĀ (whatever you want to call IT) that change our brain?” Ā According to Dr. Newberg, in addition to prayer and meditation, the practice of open-mindedness is an effective way to encourage more spiritual experiences. Take a look at your beliefs, question them, and see if you can see the other side. I like how Dr. Michael Cotton, the creator of Higher Brain LivingĀ®, tells us to “let go of everything you think you know” when we are in brain changing retreats with him. Try that šŸ™‚

AND guess what else?! In his book, Dr. Newberg tells us that the technique for most profoundly and rapidly changing states of consciousness and the brain is DANCING!! I would like to note that they haven’t researched Higher Brain LivingĀ® yet… šŸ˜‰

Well then, let’s Dance, let’s Free Our Minds, let’s let go of our attachments to what we think we know so that we can open to more Love, more Light, more Wisdom, and more BLISS!

Much Love ~ Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon

Tap Your Unlimited Energy

We have a great potential within us that is a source of unlimited energy, joy, bliss, and freedom. Why don’t we live this in our day to day lives? Are you living a tired and exhausted life? Are you feeling a lack of purpose and drive?

If we aren’t living from the place of aliveness and the Life that is bubbling up from inside of us, then we are probably giving our power or giving our energy away in ways that are out of alignment with our Soul. There isn’t an energy drink or cup of coffee that is going to help us out with this. Our energy runs much deeper…

How do we align with our Soul and live from the unlimited energy within us?

  1. Choose yourself. Choose to accept and love you. When we feel bad about ourselves or our bodies or compare ourselves to others, we give our power away. Deciding to be grateful for who we are is a choice we get to make in any moment. Don’t disempower yourself in this way; feel the blessing that you are.
  2. Maximize the radiance of your energy field. We’ve got all kinds of energetic blocks Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  that have been built up from our reactions, traumas, conditioning, and even past lives, that inhibit our energy field from radiating all the light and power that we are. Do things that clear your energy field and open your energy centers (aka chakras), including meditation, schedule regular visits with an energy healer, get Higher Brain LivingĀ® sessions, and spend quiet time in nature. If there is something else you need for your healing, Life will guide you there.
  3. Don’t waste too much energy working out. The greatest myth when it comes to our bodies and fitness is that ‘more is better’. When I stopped wasting so much energy at the gym I found that I had way more energy to be present and energetic with my family throughout the entire day. We will be provided with unlimited energy for our purpose and for me that largely had to do with embracing my role as a mother. We can feel what our bodies need, and it may not line up with what we have done in the past. (Please stop running marathons!!)
  4. Follow your body, not the rules of others. There is a ton of health info, diets, exercise programs, out there! You might be led by Life to something that would benefit you, but this isn’t something you should force. Let go of the rigidity when it comes to food, move when you feel inspired, rest when you need to rest. Aches, pains, injuries, etc aren’t accidents, they are signals that in some way we are not aligned with our greatest life potential.
  5. Use loving words, thoughts, and beliefs when it comes to your body. Your thoughts and words create your experience and they create your body too.
  6. Stop being victim-y. Our power gets lost here. When we shift from living like life happens to us and into the power that unfolds from knowing and living as a creator, our whole life experience can change in a moment. Life reflects us. Change your thoughts, shift your perception, live the beauty of this life you have chosen.
  7. Do things that align with your greatest good. We waste a ton of energy doing things that we think we ‘should’ do or we are motivated by superficial factors. Let go of what no longer serves you and the highest good of your family. At a certain point in our spiritual development our why transitions from personal and conditioned reasons to an impersonal impulse that we can’t help but live as It… and this is where our unlimited energy pours forth.

This is big. Choosing to step into life this way is beautiful and yet it can sometimes feel awful as we uproot and purge all that is not in alignment with our Soul or the true essence of who we are. Tapping our inner essence, light, and love will call forth a dumping of all the fear, anger, jealousy, and inner-crazy that we are not. But, it will be worth it and you are worth it!

Love & Light ~ Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon


The Lost Taste

Who would have thought that I, Rachel, could lose my taste for alcohol? Oh, ah hem, not me! Um, heck no.

Well, I did. I don’t want it, and I can’t even stand the smell of it. I have a few ideas about how this happened, so here’s a bit of my story.

In my early 20’s I loved shots. I thought shots were fun. Being extremely shy in groups, I loved how my inhibitions were lost through alcohol. It was freeing. I looked forward to the weekends and the opportunity to get drunk and unwind. By grad school when I was 25, my nights out turned more into happy hours, and they were happy! I liked the happy hour concept because I could still get a good nights rest! I had a lot of fun with my grad school friends, and I embraced how relaxed alcohol, particularly wine, made me feel.

I finished grad school, got married, and moved to Philly for a postdoctoral research position in the time of a month. Two months later I was pregnant. This was the end of my wine drinking for a while, obviously. Then, being a busy mom, I didn’t get to have wine too often. When I did I really looked forward to it. I mostly entertained wine when I was at neighborhood gatherings. It was after one evening that I had 2 glasses of wine and the next day I realized that I didn’t feel good. I was groggy and nauseas. I didn’t want to feel this way again, especially taking care of my precious boys. Being a mom was hard enough, and this was not how I wanted to show up for my family. I decided that I couldn’t do two glasses anymore; one was my limit.

My last glass of wine was in May of 2014. Two days after having that glass I was still feeling numb from the alcohol. It was a Tuesday, and I decided then that I probably would not put alcohol in my body again. My goal was to live my life in the high vibration of love, peace, and bliss, not in the way I was feeling from the extended effects of the alcohol.

Since then, I have lost my taste for alcohol. I have not had any desire for it and I don’t even like to smell it or be in a room where there are open bottles. I find it somewhat fascinating that I could have loved alcohol so much in the past, and now not care for it at all.

How could this happen?

I believe that because of my spiritual journey of energetic, spiritual, and emotional healing my vibration has shifted so that I don’t even resonate with alcohol anymore. Because this major shift happened I see alcohol in a new way; I don’t believe that alcohol is ‘healthy’ in any dose, regardless of what some studies may suggest.

I believe that because I have chosen to accept myself and get really comfortable in my own skin, I no longer need alcohol to feel uninhibited. I am me and that is amazing. (And you are you, and you are amazing!!)

I believe that due to the shift in my brain physiology out of lower brain stress and defenses and into the peace and contentment of the Higher Brain, I no longer look for or need things to relax me. I am generally relaxed and if I am not relaxed then it is something for me to feel and be with and not to numb out with a drug.

I believe that alcohol alters our consciousness and I have no where to be except me and enjoying the people I am with in the moment.

I believe that alcohol inhibits our intuition and our creativity for days after consumption, preventing us from living our greatest expression in the world.

And, on a conscious parenting note, I believe we are doing a disservice to our children if we are drinking in their presence. All they need is our love, our presence, and us being an example of being ok with us.

Are you being called to dig deeper into your alcohol consumption? Do you use alcohol to relax, unwind, or escape?

Let’s let ourselves feel and heal so that we can express freely & blissfully just as we are.

Love & Bliss~ Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon

Owning & Shifting All Our Stuff

How we feel is ours. On a deep level, what comes up for us is ours and is not truly about the faces before us at any particular time. If we don’t heal our own feelings, emotions, defenses, then our same stuff is going to keep coming up until we heal it within us. It will be our same ‘ole stuff triggered by a different face.

I have not ever really felt that we need to get super analytical about where all “our stuff” comes from, or why we are angry, or why we are disempowered, or why we feel unsupported. That can get very victim-y. Those awarenesses will come to us when/if we need them. The important thing is that when something comes up for us and it has a bit of emotional charge, or a huge emotional charge, it is our emotion, it is our feeling, “it” is in our inner realm to heal. If we don’t address it in us now, then it will just show up again later. And, if we can feel it, own it, and not make it about the other person, a powerful healing and perceptual shift can occur for us.

What does this mean? It means that there is no one to blame, no one is essentially ‘doing’ anything to us, and we will keep “attracting” the same stuff which reflects “our stuff” that we haven’t healed until we address it in ourselves. Uffda. Does that make sense?

The people and circumstances around us can’t change until we change or heal in ourselves.

“They” are only serving as a reflection for “us”. Can you sense the energy entanglement in our reflections?Ā Make a practice of feeling and observing your own stuff without attaching to the ‘story’ or the drama energy of it. Then, just notice the miracles and feel how joy flows more easily when this becomes your new awareness. Clear the stuff, let the love.

May the peace in your heart bless the world ~ Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon




Eggplant Intuition

One of my early experiences with using my intuition with food was several years ago when I was attending an energy healing workshop at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Carmel, CA. This area is absolutely beautiful, with an awesome combo fragrance in the air of ocean and forest.

As I was en route to Asilomar after my flight arrived, my taxi driver was kind enough to stop at the grocery store so I could pick up some snacks and water. As I walked into the store I glanced over and my attention was drawn to some eggplants stacked near the entry. They looked pretty sitting there, all curvy and deep purple. And, there was a sense of “notice me” coming from the eggplants. When intuition is ‘on’ something, it is like all of your awareness and attention goes there. I continued on, picked out my snacks, and headed out to my taxi.

After getting settled in my room and getting out for a peaceful stroll by the ocean, I headed down to the dining hall for dinner. I looked at the food board and there were two options for dinner that evening: chicken parmesan or eggplant parmesan.

Now, if you have spent any time around fitness fanatics over the past 20 years, you would know that anyone who works out should maximize their protein intake and of course choose the chicken meal option. In this circumstance, my conditioning and prior beliefs would have me choose the chicken option. However, because of how the eggplant had caught my attention earlier in the day I chose the eggplant parmesan. To my memory, I had never had an eggplant meal before. Maybe it had been a part of some quiche or something in the past, but the eggplant definitely would not have been something that I would have chosen from a menu.

Because I followed my intuition instead of my rules and shoulds, I enjoyed one of the most delicious and satisfying meals I had ever had. Nourishing our bodies can be blissful and experienced in gratitude and love. In my experience, nutrition intuition works like I described with the eggplant or you can have have a vision, knowing, or hear something as well. Have you ever had an intuitive experience with food or your body? Please leave a comment!

Open your mind, relax the rules, and be grateful ~ Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon



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