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What if you could liberate yourself to live in happiness, health, freedom, and peace? You can, and it happens from the inside. Radiantly Free describes how living and being aligned with our Godly potential frees us and how we can recreate our lives using our own power that is within each and every one of us. Our potential is unconditional Love, and when we are expressing our God self in the world we have a high vibration and a clear and radiant energy field. This allows inner and outer healing to happen.

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Rachel does an amazing job of reminding us that we are in charge of determining our own destiny and finding joy. It shouldn’t be hard but first we have to step back and pause to listen to what our heart is telling us.
– Katrina L. Roman

Rachel has such a beautiful way of expressing her wisdom and perception of the Biblical Truth that is found when we live in love and peace creating unity with our body, soul and spirit!
– Mary W.

Dr. Rachel shares the power of unconditional love and how to create it. She has done her inner work and comes from a place of experience and knowing. This book will help you on your journey of spiritual awareness and creating inner peace and unconditional love for self and others.
–¬†Nancy Clairmont Carr